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Coyote Creek Design
3014 Tutt St, Kelowna BC
V1Y 2H5  Canada
PH: 1-250-860-6263
Toll Free: 1-877-860-6263
Email: info@coyotecreekdesign.com

On-Line Design

Coyote Creek Design is revolutionizing the way we perceive the internet by making it more of a multimedia platform than any one else. Using professional voice talent Coyote Creek Design can produce voiceovers and advertisments that are streamed onto your computer. These voiceovers can be used in many ways to grab your web users attention and keep them coming back.
Click below for some samples
(Real Audio plug-in required and/or MP3 player).

Community Builder Step By Step Instructions (Liz Mckinney)

Lake Audio.Com Voice Talent

Realtime Online Presentations can change the way to provide presentations to your clients and potential consumers. Just send interested parties to your customized URL for your presentation and let them see visuals and hear professional commentary. Enhance the presentation with live timed video/audio streaming and conferencing. Click the link below to see an example of a Realtime Online Presentation (Real Audio plug-in required).

BC Parks Online Presentation

Online Jingles can be used to promote your website in new ways. Coyote Creek Design can create a Jingle that is customized for your company and you can use it in a variety of new concepts - Banners, Splash Pages and Flash Animations are a few examples. Click Below for a sample of the Coyote Creek Jingle 'Corporate Identity Blues'.

The Corporate Identity Blues

With advertising Web-Banners you can advertise your site on other websites easily and with great results - with just a simple click users will be transported to your website. Coyote Creek Design can create and market Web banners for your company and show how to use them for maximum effect and get the hit counter up on your site!